iZone Starts Tomorrow – we are ready! BWF World Junior Championships 2022

First of all, our best wishes for the BWF World Junior Championships 2022 starting tomorrow in Santander, Spain.

Thanks to the 40 participants from 29 Member Associations who took part in the iZone briefing last week.

The iZone – BWF’s player information and engagement zone – will be open from tomorrow in Santander – Monday 17 October.

Every team / player must visit the iZone at least once during the Championships. There is information available in 20 + languages.

BWF staff and volunteers will be there to share information and activities on: 1) integrity (anti-doping / anti-match manipulation) and 2) player educational opportunities – dual career programmes.


  1. iZone – what information / activities

The iZone will have a range of activities for players and Team Managers to get involved in.

The activities aim to build integrity awareness (anti-doping / anti-match manipulation) and provide information on player educational opportunitiesdual career pathway.

  • Player engagement.
  • Get information.
  • Take part in activities.
  • Raise awareness / have fun / share on Instagram.
  • Find out where to go to get more information from.


The attached information will remind Team Managers of the two themes for the iZone in 2022:

  1. Integrity Awareness @ the iZone
  2. Player Education and Dual Career @ the iZone

  1. Team Managers Role

Your role is important 1) to prepare players for the iZone visit, and 2) to support players at the iZone. Your roles is to:

  • Visit the iZone with your team – allow 30 minutes for the visit.
  • Prepare for the visit – read material we have sent you (see the attached pdfs on the two areas) and brief your players – for example on the values of sport.
  • Guide / support your team / players at the iZone.
  • Find out where to go to get more information.

  1. Integrity – Complete the Survey Before you Go

See the attached for the links / QR codes to the Integrity Survey – this is available in 23 languages (note there are 3 QR codes / locations in the attached PDF for different languages). Use the dropdown menu (top right of the online form) to select the language.

The survey is for players, team manages and coaches. This will help raise awareness on anti-doping and anti-match manipulation.

We do not collect any names or details to identify individuals – it is anonymous.

  1. Instagram – Encourage your Players – follow / tag / hashtag

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  1. Contact / Questions

Andy, Erica and Tracy are in Santander so please reach out to them if you have any questions.