BWF World Junior Championship 2022 | Player Information, Awareness, Education

The BWF World Junior Championships 2022 will be hosted in Santander, Spain in less than 2 weeks.

  • Mixed Team Championships (Suhandinata Cup) 17 – 22 Oct. 2022
  • Individual Championships (Eye-Level Cups) 24 – 30 Oct. 2022


The hosts and BWF will have an ”iZone” at the Championships.

  • iZone = a player information and engagement zone.


Every team / player must visit the iZone at least once during the Championships.

BWF staff and volunteers will be there to share information on: 1) integrity (anti-doping / anti-match manipulation) and 2) player educational opportunities – dual career programmes.

  1. Virtual Meeting – Team Managers – Monday 10 October

BWF will send an invitation to Team Managers inviting them to attend a one-hour virtual meeting next Monday. This will provide information on the iZone and how Team Managers can support players.

  • When – Monday 10 October 2022
  • Time – 20:00 KL time / 14:00 CET
  • Virtual – meeting on Microsoft Teams / Meeting in English
  • Who – Team Managers going to the BWF World Junior Championships 2022
  • What is it About – the iZone at the Championships – and how to get ready for this.

  1. Integrity Awareness – iZone Activities

The iZone will have a range of activities for players and Team Managers to get involved in. The activities aim to build integrity awareness (anti-doping / anti-match manipulation) and provide information on player educational opportunitiesdual career pathway.

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