Türkiye (TUR) – a new Country Name

  1. Turkey Changes its Name

Türkiye has officially changed its country name and it has asked the sports community to make the necessary changes.

As such, please note that the new English spelling is “Türkiye”. The abbreviation continues to be “TUR”.

As per BWF General Competition Regulations, Clause 23.5, the country name on the back of the player and coach shirt, if used, must be either the full country name in English, or the Olympic approved abbreviation.

Our player database and tournament management systems have been updated to reflect this change in country name.

  1. Application for Scholarship Closes 7 August 2022

Further to our Memo of Monday 13 June (see attached) the deadline to apply for the scholarship for the Post Graduate Certificate International Sports Management is 7 August.

For more information on the application process and the online application form, see the BWF Development Website (linked here).


  1. Schedule A

Please find attached the Schedule A Form for 2022. This needs to be completed and sent back to Patricia Wong [email protected]  no later than 30 September 2022.

The BWF constitution requires that each Member must complete this and send back to the BWF no later than 30 September each year.

Clause 7.23 of the BWF constitution states the following:

Schedule A – means the form submitted to the Secretary General by Members annually which contains such information required for purposes of administration and publication including but not limited to the names, addresses and contact information of its principal officers, the number of member clubs / associations, the total number of registered players affiliated to the Member and a declaration that the provisions of Criteria for Membership (Clause 8) continue to be met.