BWF AGM 2022 – Hybrid Format on Saturday 07 May 2022 – starting @ 1900 KL Time

Further to our survey last week on the BWF AGM 2022, please find enclosed some more details on the planning for the meeting. Please start your planning as soon as possible.

We will send more information this Friday on 1) accommodation, 2) visa, and 3) transport for those who will travel to Bangkok to attend in person.

  1. Hybrid Meeting – Attendance in Person in Bangkok – or Virtually

The BWF AGM will be held in a hybrid format. This means delegates can either:

  1. travel to Bangkok and attend the AGM in-person,OR
  2. ‘attend’ the meeting virtually from their home / office (like 2021 / 2020 AGMs).


The AGM starts at 1900 (7:00PM) Kuala Lumpur time and will last about three hours. There will be some other activities around the AGM in Bangkok – membership engagement including a kind of forum, information sessions and workshops (see below).

  1. Attachments

Please find attached the following documents:

  1. Delegates Nomination Form – AGM 2022
  2. Travel Support Grant – the amount of travel support BWF is offering Members.


Please note that if your Association did not submit its 2021 Schedule A by 31 January 2022, your Association is not eligible to receive a travel grant.

  1. Getting Ready for the AGM

What do you need to do to get ready?

  1. Decide who your delegate(s) will be.
  2. Complete the Nomination Form and send to [email protected]
  3. If you wish to send your delegate(s) to Bangkok to attend in person:
  • Make sure your delegate is “fully vaccinated”.
  • Check their passport – make sure there is at least 6 months before expiry.
  • Check on flights / costs / routing.
  • When your delegate arrives in Bangkok – they will be tested (RT-PCR test), and they have to stay in their hotel room for the first day.
  • Allow for that first day of quarantine in the flight arrival day / time in Bangkok.
  • Check to see if your delegate needs to go into quarantine when they return home – BWF will not cover any costs for quarantine.
  • Look into travel insurance that has COVID-19 related coverage / medical cover.

  1. Key Dates / Activities


  • Friday 18 March – Notice of the AGM / agenda / papers / annual report
  • Friday 01 April – Deadline for amendments to proposals
  • Wednesday 04 May – arrival in Bangkok
  • Thursday 05 May – need to quarantine in your hotel room / deadline for nomination
  • Thursday 05 May – 1900 KL time – deadline nomination forms
  • Friday 06 May – Membership engagement / Forum
  • Saturday 07 May – BWF AGM 2022 – starts at 1900 KL time / 1800 Bangkok time
  • Sunday 08 – 15 May – TotalEnergies BWF Thomas and Uber Cup Finals


Please note, on Friday we will provide more information to the membership on the deadlines for those travelling to Bangkok:

  • Booking Accommodation
  • Entry Requirements / Visa Application Process
  • Transport Arrangements

  1. Member in Good Standing

Please note that in order for Members to nominate delegates and participate in the AGM they must be in “Good Standing”. Clause 7.1.4 of the BWF constitution states:

Member in Good Standing means a Member who:

  • 7.14.1. does not have any subscriptions due (Clause 26);
  • 7.14.2. is not under suspension (Clauses 13.5 –13.10); and
  • 7.14.3. who has submitted a completed Schedule A to the Federation for the current year (Clause 13.1)