2022 Calendar Revamped

After an intense review of the tournament calendar for next year for Grade 1 and 2 tournaments, the BWF is announcing a revamped BWF Tournament Calendar 2022, which will culminate with the season-ending HSBC BWF World Tour Finals in Guangzhou.

Clusters of Tournaments

The revamped calendar has clusters of tournaments in Asia and in Europe to reduce the complexity of cross-border travel for athletes, the entourage and the technical team.

It is likely that 2022 will be another year where travel is affected by COVID-19. The plan aims to replicate the successes of the Asian Leg in January 2021 and the recent run of Grade 1 and 2 tournaments successfully completed in Europe.

BWF is still discussing whether additional Super 100 tournaments will be added to the 2022 calendar. Final details will be shared when available.

See the BWF Tournament Calendar 2022

COVID-19 Tournament Protocols

Safety for all the participants at tournaments remains the primary concern for BWF and the hosts.  It is likely that Grade 1 and 2 tournaments in 2022 will continue to have BWF COVID-19 safety protocols in place, however, we hope to gradually transition to fewer protocols through 2022 as the COVID-19 situation improves.

As usual, information on COVID-19 protocols will be circulated before each tournament and this will follow advice from local health authorities.

Major Championships in 2022

The TotalEnergies BWF Thomas and Uber Cup Finals 2022 will take place in Thailand in Week 19 (8-15 May), with the TotalEnergies BWF World Championships to be hosted in Japan in Week 34 (21-28 August 2022).


Tournaments scheduled in 2021

BWF can confirm the previously postponed CELCOM AXIATA Malaysia Open 2021 (HSBC World Tour Super 750) has now been cancelled.