Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games #RaiseARacket Campaign

Yesterday BWF launched its fan engagement campaign for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games – #RaiseARacket (linked here).

Launch Video:

Feel free to post the video on your own channels:  (16:9 and 9:16 versions available).

The aim of the campaign is to bring fans to Para badminton as it makes its long-awaited debut at the Paralympic Games. We want to interact with and convert more viewers into permanent online fans.

What Do you Can Do to Help #RaiseARacket

Social engagement 1:

  1. Use #RaiseARacket and  in all your posts and comments related to the Paralympics.

Social engagement 2:

  1. Collect User Generated Content (UGC) of fans filming themselves raising a racket  this can be taken literally by ‘raising a racket’ in the air or more figuratively by making noise (a racket) all in support of their favourite Para badminton players and teams.