AGM 2021 – Voting Strength Update /  Vetting Panel Report to AGM


AGM 2021 – Voting Strength Update / Vetting Panel Report to AGM

Please find attached and below, important topics for the AGM 2021 tomorrow Saturday 22 May 2021 @ 1900 KL Time.

  1. Voting Strength Update – see Voting Strength for this AGM (linked here)
  2. Vetting Panel Report to the BWF Membership – Annexure G (linked here)
  3. Agenda Item 4.1 – Confirming the inaugural Vetting Panel – BWF Council endorses the confirmation of the inaugural Vetting Panel by the membership.

As this Memo is close to the AGM we have also copied all delegates to the BWF AGM 2021 so they get this information as soon as possible.

1.  Voting Strength – 2020 – 2024

BWF Members can have 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 votes depending on how they meet the criteria in the constitution ( Clause 15.20 – page 15). The Voting Strength of each Member for this AGM can be seen on the BWF website (linked here).

In 2020, COVID-19 affected the calculation of Voting Strength, and the EGM in January 2021 adopted some interim measures for three criteria (see Memo which explains this).


Voting Strength – Interim Criteria – Postponement of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

One criteria in the constitution relates to the ranking list for qualification for the Olympic Games.

Members receive 1 additional vote for:

Having one player or more in the top 40 world ranking in any of the five (5) disciplines as per the world ranking list for the qualification for the most recent Olympic Games held.

Tokyo 2020 was postponed last year so an interim list was approved by the AGM in January. The world ranking list dated 18 March 2020 was used because the ranking list was frozen for the rest of 2020. From that list endorsed as an interim list, 26 Members met the criteria and received an additional vote.

The EGM decided in January that once the new qualification list was available on 4 May 2021, this would be reviewed and if necessary, the Voting Strength revised. However, the Tokyo 2020 qualification period was then extended to June and the qualification list of 15 June 2021 was to be the final list.


No More Tokyo 2020 Qualification Tournaments

Since there are no more qualifying tournaments up to 15 June, and the Race to Tokyo ranking list will not change, BWF has decided to use the Race to Tokyo Ranking List from 18 May 2021 for the calculation for this criteria, and this includes all Olympic qualifying tournaments.

The calculation of voting strength using the 18 May 2021 Race to Tokyo List is exactly the same as the one used for the world ranking list of 18 March 2020 – both have the same 26 Members.

Therefore there is no change to the Voting Strength for any member for this criteria, and so the calculation approved in January at the EGM stands for this AGM (linked here).


Following the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, BWF will review the criteria related to participation in international competitions as this is one other area where an interim measure was agreed by the membership at the EGM.

2.  Vetting Panel Report to the AGM

The role of the Vetting Panel is to decide if an Applicant or Existing Official is Eligible to be, or remain in office, as a BWF Official in accordance with the Statutes – see Appendix II of the BWF Constitution.

One of the duties of the Vetting Panel under 5.2 of Appendix II is to report to the AGM. Please find attached Annexure G – Vetting Panel Report to the Membership (linked here also).

3.  Overview of the Vetting Panel Work so Far – and Agenda Item 4.1

The BWF Council had a mandate from the 2020 AGM to appoint three members of the inaugural Vetting Panel. The Vetting Panel members were appointed by Council on 24 January 2021.

The Vetting Panel members are experienced lawyers and experts with significant expertise in the integrity industry.  You can read more about them here on the BWF website.

The Vetting Panel members worked intensely on the vetting process for nominees for elections to Council leading up to this AGM and we refer to you to the report provided to the AGM from the Vetting Panel (above) about the process they undertook, and the observations they made.

Appeals Process

You will have noticed that an appeals process took place related to the eligibility of one of the Candidates for election. The right of appeal is a normal and very important part of any judicial process as it ensures that, as far as is possible, the right decision is delivered.  BWF has a solid judicial system and appeals of decisions of the Vetting Panel are made to the Independent Hearing Panel.

The appeal was upheld by the Independent Hearing Panel.  This means that the decision of the Vetting Panel was overturned and the Candidate is Eligible for election to BWF Council in accordance with the BWF constitution.

Strong Judicial System

Through this inaugural vetting process, our judicial system has been tested and it has generally been confirmed that the regulatory framework is strong and appropriate in protecting the BWF and the Badminton Community and to uphold the highest standards of good governance.  The initial vetting process and our rules will be closely reviewed by the new Council and any learnings and necessary improvements will be proposed to you at the 2022 BWF AGM for consideration.

AGM Agenda Item 4.1 – To Confirm the Members of the inaugural Vetting Panel

As set out above, the 2020 AGM gave the BWF Council the mandate to appoint the members of the inaugural Vetting Panel to allow the vetting of nominees for the BWF Council election to take place.  The 2021 AGM has the mandate to confirm the members of the Vetting Panel.  If the Vetting Panel members are confirmed, they will continue their role until their inaugural term ends at the 2022 BWF AGM.

BWF Council continues to strongly support the Vetting Panel members and recommends that the Membership adopt the proposal to re-confirm their appointment until the 2022 BWF AGM.