Seeking an Integrity Contact Person for your Association

BWF is asking each Member Association to register an Integrity Contact person with the BWF. This person will be the main integrity contact person with BWF. They will help get anti-doping / anti-match manipulation information to players, coaches and team managers in your Association. This role is very important for you and our sport. See more about the role below.

It takes 1 minute to register your Integrity Contact person (go to link to register). We look forward to sharing information with them.

CLEAN – HONEST – BADMINTON – we need your help !

What is the Role of the Integrity Contact Person

Your Integrity Contact person is the main contact point with us for anti-doping / anti-match manipulation awareness, education and information.

This person must have access to your players and coaches, so they can give them information and help them register for online anti-doping / integrity e-learning courses.

  • Who    Someone who has access to coaches, players, team managers.
  • Why   To support integrity awareness and education in your Association.
  • What  Information sharing, e-learning courses, awareness – anti-doping / anti match manipulation, codes of conduct related to integrity / ethics.
  • Target This person works with players, coaches and team managers.
  • Partners National Anti-Doping Organisations, NOCs, national sports funding bodies.

More Information?

For more information, please contact Andy Hines-Randle – BWF Senior Integrity Unit Manger [email protected]