BWF Council Suspends Two Members

The BWF gives notice that under article 13.5 of the BWF Constitution, the BWF Council has suspended the follow BWF Member Associations:

  1. Fédération royale marocaine de badminton
  2. Kenya Badminton Association


The cases and suspension of the each of these Members is not related. However, both cases involve competing groups who claim the leadership of the national badminton association in that territory. BWF has been working closely with each of the Members over a long period of time to resolve the on-going disputes within each of the Associations. The Council is hopeful of a timely resolution to the matters so that players can again compete in international competitions.

Item for the Next AGM

As per article 13.7 of the BWF Constitution, the matter will be on the agenda for the virtual AGM of 22 May, if a suspension still in effect:

13.7   If a suspension of a Member is in effect at the date of a General Meeting, the General Meeting shall vote to confirm or remove the suspension, a simple majority of the Votes Cast being decisive. Such a vote may be transacted without the matter being previously put on the Agenda.