Air Badminton Update – Guidelines – Equipment – AirBadminton Branding Toolkit – Videos – Competitions

We are pleased to report an increased interest in the new AirBadminton game, as demonstrated by the global demand for the new AirShuttle and associated equipment.

In a year where social gathering to play badminton in indoor venues is still challenging in many countries, the AirBadminton game presents itself as an excellent and safer alternative.

The BWF has now delivered AirShuttles to the 119 BWF Member Associations that expressed interest in the project.  Many of them have already started to organise and promote AirBadminton activities.

Here is a detailed project updated, and below an explanation of a few relevant areas for your consideration.

AirBadminton Guidelines

The BWF Development team has developed an AirBadminton Guidelines manual, which aims to provide a better understanding of the different elements involved in the new outdoor game, as well as to help the planning of AirBadminton activities to assist people in having fun and being physically active.

We encourage you to download the resource via this link.

AirBadminton Equipment – Purchase Process

The BWF has been liaising with badminton manufacturers to make AirBadminton equipment available to the BWF membership and the general public.  Please find enclosed the following documents:

  1. Purchase order process – steps and procedures
  2. AirBadminton equipment overview
  3. Purchase orders forms – Recreational kits / Lines and Nets


If you have any questions or need assistance throughout the purchase process, please contact Claus Thomsen at [email protected]

Furthermore, a list of confirmed AirShuttle distributors can be found on our AirBadminton website (linked).

AirBadminton Explanation Videos

To promote the project and educate the public on the main characteristics of the new game, three animation videos have been produced:

  1. AirBadminton Explained in 90 Seconds
  2. What are the Dimensions of an AirBadminton Court
  3. How To Play a Game of AirBadminton

Member Associations are welcome to use these videos to promote the game locally.  You can access the videos through the AirBadminton Branding Toolkit (linked).

Additional promotional videos can be found on BWF’s Playlist (linked).

AirBadminton Competitions

The BWF is planning to run a series of AirBadminton Pilot Competitions in 2021.  The events will provide an excellent opportunity to pilot the proposed AirBadminton Competition Rules, as well as gain hands-on experience in running outdoor tournaments and events.  In the AirBadminton Guidelines manual, you will find an introduction and considerations when organising competitions.

For a copy of the draft AirBadminton Competition Rules, please contact Rodrigo Pacheco at [email protected]

Please forward the above information to all relevant people in your organisation.  For more information on the AirBadminton, visit

BWF AirBadminton Contact

Please contact Rodrigo Pacheco, BWF Development Manager if you have any questions on the enclosed –  [email protected]