Delegate’s Briefing Follow Up Get Ready – BWF Virtual AGM 2020

Thank you to the 126 Voting Delegates / Delegates for attending the briefing session today online. The topics covered were:

  1. How to login / test / use your device.
  2. How to view the meeting / ask questions.
  3. How to vote / results of voting.
  4. What to do if you have problems.

Please find attached the presentation. The briefing today was recorded so if you wish, you can listen to the presentation – linked here to view the session.

The presentation is also available on the AGM page of the website (linked here).

This presentation is designed for Voting Delegates – however the login details and the test event Friday 17 July – are the same for everyone.

Depending on their role, participants can see / use different functionality:

  • Voting Delegates – Only Voting Delegates will see / use the voting functionality.
  • Questions – Both Voting Delegates and Delegates and others with ‘speaking rights’ can ask questions.
  • Observers – are only able to listen to the AGM.