Get Ready for the AGM 2020 – 4 videos available to explain the Council Proposals

BWF is pleased to inform you that we have uploaded the first set of material to help the membership and delegates prepare for the decision-making virtual AGM 2020 to be held on Saturday 18 July.

Today we have uploaded 4 video clips on our corporate website (linked here). These videos further explain the Council proposals, and why the Council has proposed these amendments to BWF constitution.

Each proposal on the Agenda – Items 5.1 to 5.5 (linked here) – also has a brief description of the rationale.

The Council proposals cover the following themes:

Item 5.1 Voting Strength (removing Sudirman Cup from the calculation of the criteria)

Item 5.2 Para Badminton Athletes’ Commission Chair for Council / Term of the President / Election Protocols

Item 5.3 Judicial Provisions – legal framework for the Judicial Procedures (regulations approved by Council at its February meeting)

Item 5.4 Council Geographical and Gender Representation – new Appendix I of the BWF constitution – representation on Council.

Item 5.5 Vetting of Officials – new Appendix II of the BWF constitution. Eligibility criteria for elected officials.

Please send BWF any questions to Stuart Borrie [email protected]