BWF Virtual AGM Confirmed – Saturday 18 July 2020

Thank you to the 178 Members who sent in their completed voting forms on the Council proposal to host a decision making Virtual BWF AGM 2020. Of those who completed the forms, 96.6% voted in favour of hosting a virtual AGM 2020.

BWF gives notice that the Council has decided to hold the BWF Virtual AGM on Saturday 18 July due to the extraordinary Covid-19 situation and the restrictions on international travel for many of our delegates.

1.  Documents

The most important action is to look at the Order Paper / Agenda for the virtual AGM, and decide who your delegate(s) will be, complete the nomination form and send top Patricia Wong, [email protected]

2.  Activities and Deadlines – Activities and Deadlines towards the Virtual AGM

We have scheduled a number of opportunities for the Members to review content of the AGM and to join in discussions and ask questions on the proposals on the agenda. Please see the attached document – Steps Towards the AGM – Activities to Inform and Prepare the Delegates.

The key deadlines are as follows:



3.  Technology and Set Up for the AGM

BWF is finalising the agreement on the technology partners for the webinars and the virtual AGM itself. We will inform the membership on more details of the webinars and the AGM as soon as these agreements have been finalised.

4.  AGM Documents

This is a reminder that the AGM documents sent out on 3 April 2020 are on the AGM page of the website (linked here). These include:

  1. BWF Annual Report 2019
  2. BWF Audited Financial Statement – Year Ended 31 December 2019
  3. Nomination Form – Virtual AGM 2020 (download from above page)
  4. Agenda of the Meeting – the Order Paper – revised 27 May
  5. Annexure A – Minutes of the last AGM – 23 May 2019
  6. Annexure B – Audited Financial Statements 2019
  7. Annexure C – Budget 2020 and Forecast 2021 / 2022
  8. Annexure D – Council Proposal – BWF Constitution

Please contact Stuart Borrie on [email protected] if you have any questions on the enclosed.