Amendments to BWF Anti-Doping Regulations – Effective 1 March 2020

WADA approved the amendments to the regulations and these came into effect on 1 March 2020. The main amendments relate to:

  • Article 8 – CAS Anti-Doping Division – to hear anti-doping cases.
  • Article 19 – Education – compulsory eLearning courses for some players.

These amendments are explained in more detail below, however please see the attached for all the amendments including Articles 7.1, 7.9, 7.10, 8, 19, and the definitions.

  1. Article 8 – CAS Anti-Doping Division

The body that now hears anti-doping cases is the CAS Anti-Doping Division (linked here) – previously it was a BWF Doping Hearing Panel formed from three members of the BWF Judicial Experts Group.


The amendments relate to Article 8 – and also other related Articles as a result of the amendments to Article 8 (see the attached track changes version for all of the related amendments).



8.1 Principles for a Fair Hearing

8.1.1 When BWF sends a notice to a Player or other Person
asserting an anti-doping rule violation, and the Player or other
Person does not waive a hearing in accordance with Article 7.10.1
or Article 7.10.2, then the case shall be referred to the BWF Doping
Hearing Panel CAS Anti-Doping Division. Unless the parties request
otherwise, the CAS Anti-Doping Division will appoint a single CAS
arbitrator to sit as the disciplinary panel and to hear and determine
the case in accordance with the BWF Anti-Doping Regulations, the
CAS Code of Sports-related Arbitration and the Arbitration Rules for
the CAS Anti-Doping Division. for hearing and adjudication.


  1. Article 19.2 – Education

A new Article 19.2 makes it compulsory for those on the BWF Registered Testing Pool (RTP) (linked here) to complete the eLearning Anti-Doping Education course ALPHA (linked here), and register completion of the course (by 1 January 2021 for those currently on the RTP.


A new Article 19.3 allows BWF to make it compulsory for participants in an International Event to compete the eLearning programme. This article requires advanced notice by the BWF to ensure players have a reasonable time to complete this.



19.1 BWF shall plan, implement, evaluate and monitor information,
education and prevention programs for doping-free sport on at least the
issues listed at Article 18.2 of the Code, and shall support active
participation by Players and Player Support Personnel in such programs.

19.2 All Players included in the Registered Testing Pool shall, within four
(4) months from the notification of their inclusion in the Registered
Testing Pool, successfully complete the eLearning Anti-Doping Education
course ALPHA and register such completion. Any Player who has been
included in the Registered Testing Pool on or before 1 September 2020
must complete this course and register its completion by 1 January 2021.

The course shall be deemed to have been successfully completed once the
Player receives the certificate of completion which is obtained after
achieving a final score of at least 80% at the final exam.

Each Player shall be personally responsible for complying with this

Any Player who has not met this requirement by the set deadline shall be
ineligible to compete in any International Event until successful
completion of the course and its registration.

19.3 BWF may require Players to complete the eLearning Anti-Doping
Education course ALPHA before they are entered in International Events.
Such requirement will be stated in communications in advance of the


Please visit the Statutes page for the updated version of BWF Statutes – Section 2.3 – Anti-Doping Regulations effective on 1 March 2020.