Key Decisions – AGM – Council

The BWF AGM, Members’ Forum and Council meeting were held in Nanning, China 23, 24 and 27 May 2019. Please note the summary of the key decisions below. You can download more detail from the governance page of this website (download the key decisions):

 – Members’ Forum – complete our short survey – (linked here)

 – AGM Decisions – see below summary (download the key decisions)

 – Results of the Elections – Deputy President / Council Member – see below

 – Membership Application Approved – Badminton Federation of Kosovo – see below

 = Council Meeting Follow Up – Key Decisions – Nanning – 27 May 2019 – see below


Members’ Forum

Thank you to all the delegates and observers for taking part in the BWF Members’ Forum in Nanning. We have recorded all your ideas about where we could be in 2025. We will send you the analysis of all your ideas by Friday 14 June.

Please complete our short survey –

Visit our photo gallery on the BWF website (linked here).


AGM and Council Meeting Follow Up – Key Decisions

Please find enclosed the key decisions of the BWF AGM of Thursday 23 May 2019 and Council meeting of Monday 27 May 2019  – both held alongside the TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup 2019 in Nanning, China in May.

AGM Decisions

Results of the elections – Deputy President / Council member. Those elected by the AGM were:

     1.  Deputy President – Khunying Patama Leeswadtrakul (THA)

     2.  Council Member – Kinji Zeniya (JPN)

Membership application approved – Badminton Federation Kosovo

– The AGM approved the membership application of the Badminton Federation Kosovo.

Subscription Unit Amount 2020 – USD $200

Auditors for 2019 – BDO Malaysia

– Amendments to the Constitution (download the key decisions)

– Amendments to the Laws of Badminton (download the key decisions)


Council Decisions

Approval of the following regulations of the BWF Statutes:

Badminton Regulations – (linked here)

Section 5.1 – General Competition Regulations – 23 – Lettering on Players Clothing

Section 5.2.1 – Major Events Regulations Table – World Junior Team Championships 2020 – Relay Team Event Regulations (10 matches to 11 points) (download the key decisions)

Para badminton Regulations (linked here)

 – Section 5.5. Para badminton General Competition Regulations

 – Section 5.5.3 – Timelines for Para badminton Tournaments

 – Section 5.5.5 – Classification Regulations

 – Section 5.5.6 – Para badminton World & Continental Championships

 – Section 5.5.8 – Summary of PGCR Clothing Regulations

 – Section 2.6 – Para badminton Offences and Penalties

BWF Classifier Structure and Training Guidelines (linked here)

Classifier Structure (linked here)

New International Classifier – Naoki Tonegawa (JPN)


Other Regulations – Reminders

BWF World Team Championships (Sudirman Cup) 2021 onwards
The regulations for the BWF World Team Championships 2021 and beyond are now updated, as per the changes approved by BWF Council in November 2018. This includes the following:

Continental Qualification Stage to determine Continental qualifiers

Finals Stage to determine winner of Sudirman Cup:

Finals consisting of a total of 16 teams:

  • Trophy Holder
  • Host Member
  • Four (4) semi-finalists from Badminton Asia qualification tournament
  • Four (4) semi-finalists from Badminton Europe qualification tournament
  • Winner from Badminton Confederation of Africa qualification tournament
  • Winner from Pan Am Badminton Confederation qualification tournament
  • Winner from Badminton Oceania qualification tournament
  • Next three (3) high ranked teams (excluding those above) from the World Ranking.


Coach Clothing Regulations

This is a reminder that as of 1 January 2020, the following regulations regarding Coach clothing will come into effect, based on approved changes by BWF Council in November 2018:

General Competition Regulation 24.6 – Advertising on Coaches’ Clothing

(new section)

 24.6.1    For the sake of these Regulations, Coaches refers to all Coaches, Team Managers, and/or other Participants who sit in or around the Coaches’ chair behind the competition court in a coaching capacity for a match.

24.6.2    Advertising on Coaches’ clothing is governed by Clauses 24.1 – 24.5, with the following clarifications:


  • Regulations for shirts govern Coach shirts and/or jacket.
  • Regulations for shorts govern Coach pants.