Ethics Hearing Panel Decision

BWF gives notice that an Ethics Hearing Panel has found Danish badminton player, Mr. Joachim Persson violated the Code of Conduct in Relation to Betting Wagering and Irregular Match Results [two violations of the 2012 Code and one each of the 2016 and 2017 Codes].

The four violations relate to failing to disclose details of an approach, not cooperating fully with investigations conducted by the BWF and not fully disclosing information to the BWF following a formal request to do so.

The Ethics Hearing Panel has imposed these sanctions:

Joachim Persson is:

  1. suspended (“from all competitive events”) for a total period of eighteen (18) months;
  2. banned from performing any function in badminton for a period of eighteen (18) months. Such ban covers, inter alia, any administrative, coaching, officiating, or developmental functions; and
  3. liable to pay costs of USD4,500 to the BWF.

The 18-month period began on Wednesday 20 March 2019, and extends to Tuesday 22 September 2020 inclusive.

BWF duly notes the reasoned decision of the Ethics Hearing Panel and its findings against Mr. Joachim Persson (see the reasoned decision linked here).

BWF confirms the decision by the Ethics Hearing Panel and requests that the BWF Members take note of the sanctions and takes appropriate action in relation to the decision.