Key Decisions of Council – 09 March 2019

BWF Council Meeting in Birmingham, England on Saturday 09 March 2019.

This a short summary of the key decisions.

a) Events Related Decisions

The summary document which provides highlights of the approvals by Council and the detail of the amendments to the Technical Regulations is available here.

Amendments to the following regulations were approved:

  • BWF Statutes – Section 5.2.2 – BWF World Tour Regulations – Clause 5.1 – Points system and BWF World Tour Rankings
  • BWF Statutes – Section – World Ranking System
  • BWF Statutes – Section – World Junior Ranking System
  • BWF Statutes – Section – BWF World Team Ranking System
  • These updated versions are published on the BWF’s corporate website (linked here).


b) Para badminton Related Decisions – Technical Regulations

The Council approved a range of amendments to Para badminton regulations as listed below:

  • Section 5.5 – PGCR  – See clauses 9, 11.22, 15, and 16 – 19
  • Section 5.5.3 – Timelines for Para badminton Tournaments


c) Other Decisions of Council

The Council decided the following:

  • To provide the AGM travel subsidy to Associate Members to support their participation in the AGM / Forum in the same way as Members.
  • To approve a Council declaration that Council members shall sign.


This is a similar document to the “Athletes’ Undertaking” approved by Council in November 2018 and which will be implemented this year.

The Council declaration highlights the roles and responsibilities of Council members as elected officials of the BWF. It highlights elements of the BWF Code of Ethics and the Code of Conduct for Elected Officials.