Get Ready – BWF virtual AGM 2020

Here are a few updates regarding the BWF decision making virtual AGM on Saturday 18 July 2020 – starting at 1900 KL time / 1300 CET:

1.Nominations – for the AGM have closed (see the final list of 146 Members who have successfully nominated Voting Delegates by the deadline).

2. Virtual AGM Login Details – Voting Delegates, Delegates and Observers – by now you will have received the login details. This is your personal Username and Password. This is your unique ID to entry the virtual AGM – they are not transferable.This will come from [email protected] Please check. If you did not get this, send an email to Patricia [email protected] and copy in [email protected]rg

3. How to Log in to the Meeting – this information is contained in the presentation BWF made to Delegates yesterday. This information is now in English, French and Spanish.

You can also listen to the presentation (English) if you missed the session on Wednesday 15 July 2020 – linked here to view the session

4. Login and Test Your Device Tomorrow  – Friday 16 July – there is a two (2) hour time slot when you can log in / test your device – 1900–2100 KL time/1300 – 1500 CET.

5. Roles at the virtual AGM – Voting Delegate / Delegate / Observer

> Only Voting Delegates will see the voting functionality.

> Voting Delegates / Delegates see the question icon and can ask questions.

> Observers can listen to the AGM only.

6. Late Changes – If your Voting Delegate cannot make the meeting for some reason, a Member can contact BWF to request a transfer of the voting rights from the Voting Delegate to the Second Delegate. Contact Stuart Borrie – [email protected]

Members in Good Standing with Voting Delegates

The list below is final as at 1900 KL time Thursday 16 July. Please check the list. If there are any questions, contact Patricia – [email protected]

AGM Delegates – What do you Need to Do?

To get ready for the virtual AGM, delegates need to:

  • Print out the AGM Agenda (linked here).
  • Look at the questions and answers from all the members – Council Proposals – below (linked here).
  • Look at the 4 video clips on the Council proposals – if you need more information on Items 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5 of the agenda.
  • English – Council proposals (linked here)
  • French – Council proposals (linked here)
  • Spanish – Council proposals (linked here)
  • Look at the Chairs video reports (linked here)
  • If you need to discuss with your board about how you will vote for each proposal.
  • Send us your questions [email protected]

Questions and Answers – from the discussions – 6 conference calls 6 – 10 July 2020

There are 53 questions and answers that came from the membership on the Council proposals for the AGM 2020 – have a look at these on the website under these themes below (linked here).

  • Proposal 4.2 – Adoption of Audited Financial Statements (8 questions / answers)
  • Proposal 5.1 – Voting Strength (5 questions / answers)
  • Proposal 5.2 (b) – Term of the President (9 questions / answers)
  • Proposal 5.2 (c) – Election Protocols (1 question / answer)
  • Proposal 5.3 – Judicial Provisions (6 questions / answers)
  • Proposal 5.4 – Council Geographical and Gender Representation (10 questions / answers)
  • Proposal 5.5 – Vetting of Officials (11 questions / answers)
  • Proposal 6 – Subscription (1 question / answer)
  • Proposal 7 – Auditors (2 questions / answers)