Virtual AGM – Chairs Video Reports

The BWF virtual AGM 2020 will be held on Saturday 18 July at 1900 KL time / 1300 CET (linked here for all the details).

The video reports from the Chairs of the Committees are below. Normally these are delivered at the AGM itself, however because of the limited time and the world time zones the delegates are ‘attending’ from, we will not have Chairs reports during the virtual AGM itself. These videos below are provided one month before the meeting to help delegates prepare. It is expected that the delegates and Members view the reports before the AGM, and send BWF any questions related to the reports.

Please send questions on the Chairs Reports to Stuart Borrie [email protected]. We will respond to the questions and share the answers.

The Chairs Reports are a brief summary of the Committee Reports which are published on pages 16 – 25 of the BWF Annual Report 2019 (linked here). This was published on the website on 3 April 2020.