Key Decisions from Council

This notice describes the key decisions made by the BWF Council during its meeting of Monday 29 May 2023 with regards to regulations.

Governance-Related Regulations

The BWF Council approved changes to the following governance-related BWF Statutes:

  • Section 1.2.2 – Federation Rules and Procedures; and
  • Section 3.1 – BWF Judicial Procedures.


In the Federation Rules and Procedures, changes were made to update the document and put it in line with BWF’s practices in relation to human resources and disciplinary panels. For clarity, the list of Committees was also moved to Appendix II.

In the BWF Judicial Procedures, changes were made to put the document in line with the recently approved Vetting Rules. More specifically, the rules related to appeals and to the appointment of Independent Hearing Panel members were amended.

Please find attached tracked-change versions of these two documents.

1. Federation Rules and Procedures – May 2023 – TC

2. Judicial Procedures – V2.2 – May 2023 – TC

For further information, please contact Thomas Delaye, Head of Legal and Governance, at: [email protected].

BWF Para Badminton Regulations

The BWF Council also approved changes to the following BWF Statutes related to Para badminton:

  • Section 5.5 (Para Badminton General Competition Regulations); and
  • Section 5.5.10 (BWF Para Badminton World Circuit Regulations).


Please find attached a document summarising these minor changes.

3. Changes to BWF Para Badminton Regulations – 29 May 2023

For further information, please contact Christopher Trenholme, Deputy Events Director – Technical Events Management at: [email protected].