AirBadminton Update July 2021

We are pleased to have received the interest of more than 130 Member Associations in the AirBadminton project.  As a result, many countries have already had the opportunity to organise AirBadminton activities – from local competitions to Shuttle Time lessons being implemented outdoors with the AirShuttle.

Further to the below, I have attached the following:

1.A Zip Folder with information on AirBadminton Equipment


2. Airbadminton Activity Report template

1.  AirShuttle 2

As previously announced, the new AirShuttle v2 is already on the market.  This version has been redesign to be more durable and highly visible outdoors.

In the following video, you can learn some key characteristics of the AirShuttle v2 and why it’s great for playing AirBadminton! (linked).

The BWF is pleased to provide a few samples to Member Associations; if you are interested, please send us an email to [email protected], and we will explain how to receive them

Furthermore, a list of confirmed AirShuttle distributors can be found on our AirBadminton website (linked).

2. AirBadminton Equipment

Many countries have already purchased and started using the new AirBadminton Equipment, don’t forget that Member Associations can purchase the equipment following the enclosed information.


In the following video, you can learn how to set up your recreational or competition kit easily and play AirBadminton anytime & anywhere! (linked)


If you have any questions or need assistance throughout the purchase process, please contact Claus Thomsen at [email protected]

3. AirBadminton Guidelines

We encourage you to download the resource via this link.

4. AirBadminton Promotional Videos

To further promote the project and educate the public on the main characteristics of the new game, the three animation videos have been translated into the languages mentioned above.

Member Associations are welcome to use these videos to promote the game locally.  You can watch these and other promotional videos through the BWF Development YouTube channel (linked).

5. AirBadminton Country Logos

The AirBadminton logo has been personalised so that you can use a dedicated logo to promote your local activities.

If you wish you receive your AirBadminton country logo set, please send us an email at [email protected]

6. AirBadminton Promotional Materials

The BWF has produced an AirBadminton poster and trifold that explain the key elements of the game.  These promotional materials have been translated into various languages.

7. AirBadminton Test Events

The BWF is planning to run a series of AirBadminton Pilot Competitions in 2021.  The events will provide an excellent opportunity to pilot the proposed AirBadminton Competition Rules, as well as gain hands-on experience in running outdoor tournaments and events.

If you are interested in organising a local AirBadminton test event, please contact Rodrigo Pacheco, BWF Development Manager, at [email protected], and he will follow up with relevant information on the process.

8. AirBadminton Global Rollout

We would be very happy to learn about your activities and follow your local plans.  Therefore, when organising AirBadminton activities, please share the experience with us by filling out the attached Activity Report form. Please send the document back to [email protected]

Please forward the above information to all relevant people in your organisation.  For more information on the AirBadminton project, visit

9. BWF AirBadminton Contact

Please contact Rodrigo Pacheco, BWF Development Manager, if you have any questions on the enclosed –  [email protected]