AirBadminton Equipment Update

We are pleased to report an increased interest in the new AirBadminton game, as demonstrated by the new AirShuttle and equipment global demand.

As previously communicated, the BWF has been liaising with badminton manufacturers to make AirBadminton equipment available to the BWF membership and the general public.

Please find enclosed the following documents:

  1. Purchase order process – steps and procedures
  2. AirBadminton equipment overview
  3. Purchase orders forms Net & Lines and Recreational Kits


Please note that the price of the recreational kit has slightly increased (+ USD 2.50) due to raw material global availability during the Covid-19 era.

If you have any questions or need assistance throughout the purchase process, please contact Claus Thomsen at [email protected]

Furthermore, a list of confirmed AirShuttle distributors can be found on our AirBadminton website (linked).

Please forward the above information to all relevant people in your organisation.  For more information on the AirBadminton project, visit