AirShuttle 2.0 Released

BWF is very pleased to announce the release of AirShuttle 2.0, a refined version of the AirShuttle which was launched in 2019. AirShuttle 2.0 has greater durability, a new neon colour and sharper visibility.

Opportunity to Grow Our Sport

As you know, AirBadminton was formally launched in Guangzhou in May 2019 (linked here).

For a number of years prior to 2019, BWF had been working to develop opportunities to grow our sport outdoors. The main focus in the early years was on the development of a shuttlecock for outdoor use which performs better than existing indoor versions of the shuttle. The release of AirShuttle 2.0 is another step on that journey.

The below describes the development process of the initial version, the process to develop AirShuttle 2.0 and where you can get this new improved AirShuttle.

Stages of Development – AirShuttle 2

Initially we went through many stages of testing with the outdoor shuttlecock before releasing the first version to the general public in 2019. After the initial release, we were extremely interested in following up on feedback through various channels.

On the whole the feedback was positive concerning the performance of the shuttlecock and the competitive nature of the AirBadminton game. We have however continued the development process and we are happy to now be able to introduce an improved version 2.0 of the AirShuttle.

We have worked with our manufacturers to further enhance the durability of the product. This process has led to a recent breakthrough which has allowed us to not only dramatically improve durability, but also introduce a neon colour which increases the visibility of the new AirShuttle in an outdoor environment.


New Product now Available

This new enhanced version of the AirShuttle is already being produced, and will soon be available to the public through AirShuttle distributors (linked). We are looking forward to following the feedback from the badminton playing public.

We have always stressed that this is a long-term project in which we do envisage ongoing improvements to not only the AirShuttle but also the AirBadminton game itself. We would therefore like to thank everyone for their feedback, and we look forward to the continued implementation of AirBadminton on a global scale.

AirBadminton Pilot Competitions 2021

The BWF is planning to run a series of AirBadminton Pilot Competitions in 2021.  The events will provide an excellent opportunity to pilot the proposed AirBadminton Competition Rules, as well as gain hands-on experience in running outdoor tournaments and events.

The long-term objective is to create a new badminton experience for participants and spectators when taking part in AirBadminton competitions and to become part of the sport programme in multi-sport beach games.

For any inquires regarding the AirShuttle, please don’t hesitate to contact Claus Thomsen at [email protected]

AirBadminton Contact

Please contact Rodrigo Pacheco, BWF Development Manager if you have any questions on the enclosed –  [email protected]