Seeking Vetting Panel Members

BWF is seeking expressions of interest from individuals who wish to become members of the BWF Vetting Panel. The Vetting Panel is responsible for assessing and confirming the eligibility of BWF Officials in accordance with the criteria set in Appendix II of the BWF Constitution.

The Vetting Panel is comprised of three persons who are independent from the BWF and who have experience in vetting or screening applications for appointments in official positions.

The inaugural members of the Vetting Panel will be appointed until the 2022 BWF Annual General Assembly, following which they may be reappointed for four-year terms. The Vetting Panel itself will be subject to vetting in accordance with the BWF Constitution.

Applications should include a short summary statement of background, qualifications and experience that meets the criteria above (no more than two pages) and sent to Thomas Delaye, Head of Legal and Governance ([email protected]).

The formal description for the position can be found by clicking here.

The deadline to submit applications is 13 November 2020.