World Junior Rankings 2020

BWF has noted and we welcome the return of international junior badminton in some regions where it is possible to play safely and where a reasonable number of entries from outside the tournament territory are possible.

However, with the various and varying worldwide travel restrictions and infrequent international junior tournaments, we do not believe we can unfreeze the world junior rankings without mitigating action.

Therefore players will receive world junior ranking points for their participation but we will roll the World Junior rankings onwards without dropping off past weeks/tournaments at this time so that players who were unable to travel and compete will not be unduly penalised.

So for example, the Bulgarian Junior Open Championships 2020 points gained this week, will be added to the current 52 week WJR (frozen on 17th March) and no points dropped off. So effectively becoming a ranking of more than 52 weeks.

This will continue with future international junior tournaments until such time as we can unfreeze the rankings fully.

Notification around the unfreezing methodology (including dropping off points/tournaments) will be sent out by BWF once we have more clarity around the junior tournament calendar.

Please contact Chris Trenholme, Senior Technical Events Manager [email protected] if you have any questions regarding the enclosed.