Members Questionnaire / Membership Grants Programme

On behalf of the BWF, we wish to thank you for your support in completing the BWF Members Questionnaire 2020. A total of 183 Member Associations (MAs) completed the questionnaire, which is the highest response rate to-date for a BWF Members Questionnaire.

Next Steps 

We have already started to analyse the information provided through the questionnaire, which will be combined with other data to assess the level of development of each Member Association.

Membership Grant Programme

The information below outlines the key principles, criteria for support and the timeline of implementation for the BWF Membership Grants Programme (see our memo from 17 January 2020).

Using information gathered from the Members Questionnaire and other sources, Members will be ranked from 1 to 10.

1= lowest rating – (Inactive)     /     10 = highest rating (Elite Developed).

Members who are rated in categories 2 – 8 will be able to access the Membership Grants Programme, providing they meet the eligibility criteria outlined below.

Key Principles of Membership Grants Programme

  • Focus on building the capacity of Member Associations.
  • Support the growth of badminton at a national level.
  • Support should focus on training, development of people and building the capacity and structures of Member Associations.
  • Support should be tailored to the needs of Member Associations.
  • Member Associations must demonstrate clear outcomes and submit necessary reporting.

Eligibility for Support

In order to access support, MAs must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Completed BWF Members Questionnaire 2020.
  • Completed Schedule A 2019.
  • Subscription Fees Paid 2020.
  • Attended BWF AGM or CC AGM in 2018 or 2019.
  • Fall within categories 2-8 in the BWF levels of development*

*The BWF may consider support for Member Associations who fall within categories 9 & 10, in cases where a specific area of development has been identified.

Determining Support Offered to Member Associations

The following areas will be considered when selecting the support offered to each MA:

  • Areas of development highlighted through the BWF Members Questionnaire 2020
  • Priorities highlighted by MAs through the BWF Members Questionnaire 2020
  • Areas of development highlighted by the Continental Confederations

Next Steps – Timeline

  • 2020 Membership Questionnaire Completed – 31st January 2020
  • Analysis of Questionnaire and Other Data – February-March 2020
  • Eligible MAs Contacted Outlining Support Offered – Early April 2020
  • Member Associations Select Support and Submit Budget – May 2020
  • BWF and CCs Co-ordinate Support Activities – May 2020
  • Agreements Sent to Member Associations – June 2020
  • Support Activities Delivered – June – December 2020

For more information please contact John Shearer, BWF Senior Development Manager on [email protected]