Memo – Notices and Reminders

Please find enclosed, notices and reminders on the following:

  1. Membership Application – Djibouti Badminton Federation
  2. World Coaching Conference – Deadline for Registration – Monday 15 July
  3. Schedule A – reminder to submit your 2019 Schedule A
  4. Office Closure – 30 July – national holiday in Malaysia


  1. Application for Membership

BWF has received a membership application from the Djibouti Badminton Federation.

As per Clause 12.1 of the BWF constitution, the application and the supporting documents have been reviewed and verified as meeting the requirements for membership under Clause 8 of the constitution.

Further – as per Clause 12.2 of the BWF constitution  “In the absence of the receipt of an objection from five (5) or more Members within a period of one (1) month after such notification, Council shall have power to elect the applicant as a Member”.


  1. BWF World Coaching Conference (linked here)

This is a reminder that the deadline to register for the conference is in four days time – on Monday 15 July 2019. For more information on the conference, see the BWF website: programme (linked here), speakers (linked here) and registration (linked here).


  1. Schedule A 2019

Each year Members must complete a Schedule A and send back to the BWF. This is a requirement under the BWF constitution. Please complete before midnight 30 September 2019 and send to Patricia Wong [email protected]

The Schedule A is also available for download on the BWF website (linked here).


  1. Office Closure – Tuesday 30 July 2019

Please be advised that due to a national holiday in Malaysia on 30 July to observe the coronation of the new King in Malaysia, the office will be closed.