Subscriptions 2016

Subscriptions were due on 31 January 2016.   Clause 26.6 of the BWF constitution states:

“A subscription shall be payable prior to a Member or its players taking part in competitive events as in Clause 26.1”. “In no circumstances can a Member’s player(s) or a team continue to compete beyond the due date for payment of the subscription, nor can that Member stage a Federation sanctioned tournament”.

BWF has not yet received the 2016 subscriptions from the following Members.

  • Africa – Burundi, Equatorial Guinea, Libya, Malawi, Somalia, St Helena, Tanzania, Tunisia
  • Asia – Cambodia, DPR Korea, Timor Leste
  • Europe –  Montenegro
  • Oceania – n/a
  • Pan America – Cayman Island, Curacao, Grenada, Martinique


Guidelines – Players from Non-Financial Members

Players from these Member Associations may not be entered into competitions or compete in BWF sanctioned tournaments until the 2016 Subscription is paid. Please note below the guidelines below.

The principles and procedures for barred players (linked here) shall apply to players from Members who have not yet paid their subscriptions.

  • Tournament organizers  – Member Associations and Continental Confederations are asked not to enter players in tournaments from non-financial Members, until further notice – please check the list above as this will be updated from time to time;
  • Players Already Entered – Players who have entered into a tournament and the draw has already been completed and published will be allowed to continue to play, however no world ranking points will be awarded for players in that tournament from non-financial Members until the outstanding subscription has been paid;
  • Before the Draw – Any player who has entered a tournament and is on the M & Q Report (main and qualifying report) and before the draw is completed – will be removed from the entry list / M & Q Report and be prevented from entering the draw until the subscription is paid.


Please contact Chia Lee if you have any questions on the subscription or payment of this – [email protected]