Subscriptions 2016 – Schedule A 2015

Here are three important reminders for the membership.

1.  Subscriptions 2016

Subscriptions are due on 31 January 2016.  Subscriptions must be received no later than midnight KL time on this date. Please note that players cannot be entered into competitions after this deadline if the 2016 subscription is not paid by the deadline.

Clause 26.6 of the BWF constitution states:

“A subscription shall be payable prior to a Member or its players taking part in competitive events as in Clause 26.1″. “In no circumstances can a Member’s player(s) or a team continue to compete beyond the due date for payment of the subscription, nor can that Member stage a Federation sanctioned tournament”.

Subscription invoices were sent to Members in November 2015.

Please contact Chia Lee [email protected] if you need this to be resent.

2.  AGM Delegate Travel Grant and Schedule A 2015

The BWF is again offering a travel grant to assist each Member to cover the travel costs for one (1) delegate to attend the 2016 AGM.  The same principles apply as last year.

More details will be available in early February. Please note however that to be eligible to receive the travel grant for the 2016, the Member must submit its 2015 Schedule A no later than 31 January 2016 .

3.  AGM 2016 – Kunshan, China –  Saturday 21 May 2016

As per our memo of 18 September 2015, the BWF AGM 2016 will be held in conjunction with the Thomas & Uber Cup Finals in Kunshan China. More information will be circulated in February.

To participate in the 2016 BWF AGM, a BWF Member must “be in good standing”.  This means that the member must:

  • pay the 2016 subscription
  • complete the 2015 Schedule A

The key deadlines leading up to the AGM are:

  • Friday 26 February 2016 – deadline for proposals to the AGM / seconding
  • Friday 1 April 2016 – deadline for Notice of the AGM to be sent to Members
  • Friday 15 April 2016 – deadline for amendments to proposals to the AGM
  • Friday 20 May 2016Member’s Forum
  • Saturday 21 May 2016BWF AGM  (Starting at 1000)


You can read more information on the AGM and Members Forum  on the BWF website.