Research Grants 2015 -2016

The BWF provides the opportunity for research institutions and individuals to apply for research grants to assist in the funding of applied sports science research in badminton.

The BWF Sports Science Commission has 3 key goals and the research grants are there to assist in achieving these goals:

– To encourage and widen interest and investment in applied research in Badminton.

– To improve the level and quantity of scientific material available to players, coaches and badminton practitioners.

– To contribute towards the increased knowledge of performance and safety at the international level – of coaches and players.

The BWF has a budget of $50,000 and individuals and institutions can apply for a grant to assist in their research projects in badminton. Grant applications may come from institutions or individual academics conducting research in any of the following areas relevant and specifically applicable to badminton:

– Physiology
– Biomechanics
– Sports psychology
– Performance analysis
– Match analysis
– High performance pathways
– Sports Anthropometry
– Sports injuries / injury prevention
– Or other areas as agreed by the Sports Science Commission


– Information on the Programme – Download

– Application Form – Download

Applications close on Friday 31 July 2015.


Contact  – Ian Wright for more information – [email protected]