Social and Digital Media Safety and Security Tips

BWF would like to remind Members and their players of some simple digital security tips to protect an organisation or individual’s social media accounts from outside threats.

This follows recent reports of online abuse against badminton players, and recent hacking attempts on accounts owned by groups and people within the badminton community.

We recommend everyone read the Facebook & Instagram Safety Guide as well as some more specific tips listed below.

Online Abuse

BWF condemns all forms of bullying and strongly supports any stance made by players against online trolls and offers its support to those on the receiving end of such abuse.

In some cases, the involvement of the local police may be required as they have the tools beyond those of the BWF to investigate these online abuse incidents thoroughly, and to ultimately identify any perpetrators.

We do recommend players seek advice from their national Member Association, coach and/or manager to ensure such threats are dealt with appropriately.

Here are some online resources available to help players better manage and reduce the chance of abuse on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter:

  1. Abuse Resources for Facebook
  2. Reporting Abuse on Facebook
  3. Instagram Safety Tools
  4. Restrict Function on Instagram
  5. Hiding Messages and Comments on Instagram
  6. Limiting Messages and Comments on Instagram
  7. Direct Message Controls on Instagram
  8. Blocking Accounts on Twitter
  9. Muting Accounts on Twitter
  10. How to Manage Twitter Block List


BWF is also aware that some of the recent abuse cases have been linked to gambling or people intent on manipulating matches.

BWF encourages players to continue to speak up and report any online abuse related to gambling or direct approaches to manipulate matches as part of BWF’s overall efforts to ensure a clean, safe, and fair sport for all.

We also have a ‘whistleblower’ outlet for anyone in the badminton community to utilise should they be approached to fix matches or be involved in any corrupt behaviour.

Account Security

Please read our BWF Digital Security Overview for ways to protect your accounts and personal information.

In the event your account is hacked, check out these pages for specific tips:


If you’re still having difficulty and need assistance retrieving or reclaiming an account, please contact BWF (see details below).

More Information / Contact Person

BWF Head of Communications, Lloyd Green ([email protected])

BWF Communications & Media Manager, Dianne Pierre ([email protected])