Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Update – Qualification / Playbook–COVID-19 Protocols

Further to our Memo of 29 April (linked here), please find updates on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Please make sure you forward this internally to your Tokyo 2020 team manager.

1.  Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Qualification

BWF wishes to confirm that no further tournaments will be played inside the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games qualifying window.

Whilst the qualification period officially closes 15 June 2021 as per the Revised Tokyo 2020 Qualification System, the current Race To Tokyo rankings list will not change between now and 15 June. Please see the Race To Tokyo Rankings on the BWF Olympics website.

Invitations to Qualified Players

Invitations will be sent shortly to Member Associations whose players have qualified for the Tokyo 2020 badminton competition. Each Member Association and the relevant National Olympic Committees must confirm they accept the invitation.

If any invitations are declined, reallocations will take place. This process will take a number of weeks to complete with the final participation lists and seedings to be published at the conclusion of this process.

The deadline for Tokyo 2020 Sport Entries is 5 July 2021.

Number of Athletes per Event


Click here for the Revised Tokyo 2020 Qualification System that was published on 25 February 2021.

2.  Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Web Page

We have published a Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Page (linked here). This page provides information on Covid-19 Protocols related to your participation in the Olympic Games. The priority is to ensure a safe Games experience for all.

For Olympic Games qualification regulations, see Section 5.4.1 of the BWF Statutes (linked here) – see, and on qualification.

3.  Playbook for Athletes and Officials Version 2 Available

Tokyo 2020 organisers, the IOC and IPC have published The Playbooks – a guide to a safe and successful Games (linked here).


Health and Safety – this is a key priority for athletes, team members, the workforce and volunteers.

Covid-19 Protocols – in all Olympic venues, hotels, transport. A Games participant ‘bubble’.

Athletes and Officials going to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games must be familiar with all the protocols in the Playbooks and follow these for the period of their stay in Tokyo.

4.  Period of Stay for NOCs – Arrival and Departure – Badminton

Please see the Period of Stay Guidelines for NOCs / Sports. Some of the basic information for badminton players is below.

o   Badminton competition – 24 July – 2 August 2021

o   Training for Badminton – starts from 17 July

o   Arrival – generally the guidance state that arrival is 5 days before the start of the your Competition:

  • Participants may however arrive one (1) day earlier (travel day) than training starts to ensure 5 full training days.
  • Participants arriving from time zones of 6+ hours or where there are temperature and humidity differences may request an additional acclimatization day (1). There will be no additional exceptions for time zone or acclimatization

o   Departure – 48 hours after athletes last event or elimination from competition.

o   Exemption – NOCs can ask for exemptions for badminton athletes to stay on after they are knocked out so they can act as training / sparring partners for other badminton players from that NOC who are still competing and until they are knocked out.

o   Please contact your NOC to confirm the information and to make sure they are aware that your NOC is aware they can ask for exemptions or players to stay longer after being knocked out, to provide training / sparring.

5.  More Information – Tokyo 2020

See more information on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Page (linked here) including:

  • Rules 50 – what does it mean for athletes (linked here)
  • Guidelines Regarding Authorised Identification (linked here)
  • Anti-Doping Regulations for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (linked here)
  • Rules on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions

The IOC Code of Ethics  prohibits all accredited persons at the Olympic Games from betting on Olympic events. Furthermore, all participants have an obligation to report any approach or suspicion of manipulation.

See articles 7 to 10 of the IOC Code of Ethics. Here are articles 9 and 10:

Article 9 – All forms of participation in, or support for betting related to the Olympic Games, and all forms of promotion of betting related to the Olympic Games are prohibited.

Article 10 – Participants in the Olympic Games must not, by any manner whatsoever, manipulate the course or result of a competition, or any part thereof, in a manner contrary to sporting ethics, infringe the principle of fair play or show unsporting conduct.

Rules related to the Prevention of Competition Manipulation at Tokyo 2020.

See more information on the prevention of competition manipulation on the IOC website.

6.  Contact

Please contact Chris Trenholme [email protected] BWF Senior Technical Events Manager, if you have any questions related to the enclosed.