Umpire Training Resources Available

As part of BWF’s long-term strategy to grow the number and quality of technical officials around the world, BWF is developing educational resources for each type of technical official: Referee, Umpire, and Line Judge.

These resources are intended to provide much-needed support to all member associations, but in particular, those who do not have any educational material and resources for training technical officials at the national level.

We encourage all member associations to direct their members and any interested individuals to access these resources by registering on the BWF Education site (linked here).

The Level 1 Umpires’ Manual is now available for download from the BWF Education site, and the supporting videos are available for viewing at BadmintonWorld.TV (linked here):

Level 1 Line Judges Manual

As announced at the  BWF Annual General Meeting in May and in a memo to member associations on 11 June, the BWF Line Judge Educational Resource is now available for download from the BWF Education website (linked here). See the announcement (linked here).

Level 1 Referees’ Manual

In the coming months BWF will release the Level 1 Referees’ Manual which is focused on how to referee up to the national level.

Technical Officials Resources 2019

In 2019 BWF plans to release the following:

  • Member Association Resource Guide – to guide member associations how to set-up governance structures and strategies for technical officials development, and how to recruit and develop technical officials using the BWF Educational Resources, including practical training and evaluation guidelines.
  • Level 2 Umpires’ Manual – how to umpire up to the continental level.
  • Level 2 Referees’ Manual – how to referee up to the continental level.


If you have any questions related to this resource or how your members can access it, please contact the following people:

Christopher Trenholme – Senior Technical Events Manager – [email protected]

Sharon  Springer – BWF Educational Resources Manager Sharon Springer –  [email protected]