Top Committed Player Programme 2024

Top Committed Players 2024 – List 1

Please find attached List 1 of the Top Committed Players for 2024, based on the World Ranking of 21 November 2023 (top 15 singles / top 10 doubles).

List 2 will be published in July 2024 and will include all Top Committed Players determined from November 2023 AND any new Top Committed Players as per the World Ranking in July 2024.

Top Committed Player Procedures – Mandatory Tournament Participation – 2024

Thank you to those Members who have provided feedback on the Top Committed Player Programme this past year, as we resumed the programme after several years.

Based on this feedback, and an overall review of the Player Commitment Regulations, we have developed the attached document outlining the implementation procedures for the Top Committed Player Programme in 2024, including how the BWF, respective Members, and hosts can best work together to ensure the appropriate participation of Top Committed Players in support of the HSBC BWF World Tour, and in particular, the Super 1000, 750, and 500 level of tournaments.

For more information on the Top Committed Player Regulations, please refer to BWF Statutes, Section 5.3.6 (Player Commitment Regulations), Clause 2.

More Information / Contact Person

For more information, please contact Christopher Trenholme, Deputy Events Director – Technical Events Management at: [email protected]