Coach Education Equivalency

The BWF is pleased to announce the roll out of the BWF Coach Education Equivalency process, aimed at providing a common measure of credentials for coaches from diverse training backgrounds.


Trial and Roll Out

With several test cases confirming the robustness of the process, the BWF can announce that the Coach Education Equivalency process is now open to all Member Associations (MAs) who have their own national coach education systems.

BWF would like to congratulate the following organisations who were the pioneer test cases:

  • Swiss Badminton (for BWF Level 1 and 2)
  • German Badminton Association (for BWF Level 1 and 2)
  • Spanish Badminton Federation (for BWF Level 1 and 2)
  • Badminton Europe ADVANCE course (for BWF Level 3)



On Equivalency

 Badminton is a global sport with players and coaches training all around the world.  This means that as coaches move across countries, or even continents, the portability of credentials becomes increasingly important.

Coaches will need to have their qualifications recognised against a common measure, whether for professional reasons or for their further education and development.

As such, the BWF’s Coach Education Equivalency system provides a framework that will:

  • Enable coaches with a national coaching certification to effectively continue their development within the BWF Coach Education system, without being required to repeat courses.
  • Allow organisations, tutors, and the candidates themselves to be sure they have the requisite level of knowledge and experience.
  • Enable coaches from MAs with their own coach education systems to apply for coach licensing when this becomes a requirement in the future.
  • Help organisations better understand the coaching qualifications of candidates coming from other regions.
  • Help coaches position themselves against a common standard when applying for employment or other opportunities.



 Upon a successful application process by an MA, their national credentials may be deemed equivalent to a BWF Coach Education Level 1 or Level 2 certification.

It is important to note that the application process can only be undertaken by MAs (not by individual coaches), and that BWF certificates are issued only to those who have successfully completed BWF courses.


Should you have any questions, or wish to know more about Coach Education Equivalency, please contact:

Sharon Springer (Head of Educational Programmes) [email protected]