BWF Notice BWF Administrator Award Nominations

This is a friendly reminder that nominations for the BWF Administrator Awards 2023 must be submitted to the BWF no later than Tuesday 31 October 2023.


  1. BWF Administrator Awards

The BWF has a system of awards to recognise excellence, achievement and service to the BWF, the sport and to the badminton community. The system of awards is governed by the Award Regulations of the Statutes (Section 1.2.3).

Each award category has selection criteria and the regulations define who can nominate individuals and organisations for an award.

Please see below a brief summary of the administrator award categories and who can nominate people / organisations for each award. Click on the link below to access the nomination forms from the Award Regulations page.

  • Nomination Forms – download from this page (linked here)


Complete the nomination form and send to Patricia Wong ([email protected]) no later than the Tuesday 31 October 2023.


  1. Categories of Administrator Awards