BWF Council Meeting – Key Decisions

Further to the meeting of Council on Saturday 26 August 2023 in Copenhagen (Denmark), please find below the key decisions of the meeting.


  1. New Associate Member

Under Clause 11.2 of the BWF Constitution, the Council admitted the Yemen Badminton Federation as an Associate Member of the BWF.

This means that there are now 200 BWF Members, including 10 Associate Members.

Please join us in welcoming the Yemen Badminton Federation to the BWF community!

You will find more information about the BWF Membership on the Membership page (linked here). For more information about Associate Members, please see the relevant section on the BWF website (linked here).


  1. Russian and Belarusian Players

The BWF Council approved a framework allowing athletes from Russia and Belarus to participate as Individual Neutral Athletes in BWF sanctioned tournaments commencing 26 February 2024.

For more information, please see the BWF’s previous announcement of 30 August 2023 (linked here).


  1. Regulations

The BWF Council approved changes to the following BWF regulations:

  • Badminton Code of Ethics (linked here): Addition of new rules related to the Vetting Process which make it a breach to mislead the Independent Vetting Panel (see Definitions and article 6.3):.

  • Code of Conduct for Elected Officials (linked here): Clarification of wording relating to conflicts of interest (see article