Calculation of World Ranking Points / Tournament Update / Your Association History

  1. Calculations of World Ranking Points 2023

With the new cycle of the HSBC BWF World Tour beginning in 2023, and the start of the qualification period for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games upcoming, it is important to note how BWF will calculate World Ranking points in 2023 and moving forward.

As per our normal process, World Ranking points from a tournament in one year is removed from the World Ranking at the conclusion of the same tournament in the following year, or for 52 weeks (whatever comes sooner).

Where a tournament in one year changes its category in the following year, these tournaments are considered differently. As such, points would remain for 52 weeks regardless of when the tournament is held the following year. This is the same approach taken when the current cycle of the BWF World Tour began in 2018.

For example, points for the PETRONAS Malaysia Open 2022 (Super 750 / week 26) will remain for 52 weeks, even though the PETRONAS Malaysia Open 2023 (Super 1000) is held in week 2.

This same principles applies for World Junior Ranking.

Please contact Chris Trenholme, Deputy Events Director – Technical Events Management, with any questions – [email protected]

  1. Cancellation – Junior Tournament in May 2023

Please note that the following tournament in 2023 has been cancelled.

  • Stockholm Junior 2023 – Täby – Week 18 – 05 – 07 May 2023


Please check the BWF calendar regularly for the tournaments, dates, locations and the prospectus and other documents for each sanctioned competition.

  1. Your Association History

We are gathering information from each Member Association for our archive and website.

Please ask someone from your association to respond to a short questionnaire which asks two questions:

1) the date / year your association as founded and

2) your Association history – do you have a written history, and if so send us this to us.