Register Now! – Para Badminton AC Elections / Calendar 2022

1. Para Badminton Athletes’ Commission Elections

So far – 126 Para badminton athletes have registered to vote in the elections that will take place on Friday 11 March 2022.

Please encourage all your Para badminton athletes to register to vote (see below).

1.There are 6 positions to be filled / 11 candidates (see the profiles)

2.Elections take place on 11 March 2022 (voting online 1700 – 2200 KL time).

3.Voting is only online. You must reg

4.You must register to vote in the elections (Click on the link to register to vote).

Who can vote?

  • Para badminton players who are 18 years of age or older as at 11 March 2022.
  • In ‘good standing’ with their Member Association / Not serving a period of ineligibility under the BWF Statutes.
  • Be an “active player” (on the Para badminton World Ranking List of 20 December 2021).
  • Have registered to vote by the deadline – 48 hours before the elections.

5. The registration form is in 8 languages English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Chinese,  Korean, Thai and Japanese. Click on the dropdown menu top right.

6. See more information in these languages: English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Chinese, Korean, Thai and Japanese.

2. Para Badminton Calendar 2022

The Para badminton competition season is well underway – and this week is the first of two tournaments in Spain – the Spanish Para Badminton International II 2022 is on in Vitoria.

See below the remaining Para badminton calendar 2022.

Further details of each tournament will be published via tournament prospectuses.

Para Badminton World Circuit 2022

As announced earlier in 2021, the new Para badminton tournament structure is as below.

The structure consists of Grades and Levels. Para Badminton World Ranking points are awarded to players based on the Grade and Level of the tournament each player competes in, with Grade 2 Level 1 having a higher amount of ranking points than Levels 2 & 3.