Para Badminton Classification Review

  1. BWF Classification Review Panel

The BWF Para Badminton Classification Review Panel was established in January 2021, with the following objectives:

  1. Review the current BWF Classification system, including Minimal Impairment Criteria.
  1. Identify areas in which the current BWF Classification system can be enhanced.
  1. Develop proposals to enhance identified areas within the BWF Classification system.


The BWF Classification Review Panel is made up of both internal and external experts, including medical professionals, BWF Senior Classifiers, BWF Para Badminton Athletes’ Commission representatives and BWF legal, development and event staff.

Following an in-depth review, the Classification Review Panel identified a total of six proposals for consideration, which relate to the Wheelchair 1 (WH 1) , Wheelchair 2 (WH 2), and Standing Upper 5 (SU 5) Sport Classes.

  1. Consultation with the Para Badminton Community

Athlete Classification is an essential and important aspect of Para badminton. The BWF would like to ensure that all members of the Para badminton community have an opportunity to review and comment on the six proposals, before they are implemented.

Please click on this link / image below to view a video which outlines the roles and objectives of the BWF Para Badminton Classification Review Panel as well a detailed overview of each proposal.

Member Associations and National Paralympic Committees are asked to collect questions and comments from the Para badminton community in their country and to submit these by email to John Shearer, BWF Senior Development Manager [email protected]

Due to the current ongoing tournaments in Spain, we have extended the deadline to submit questions and comments to 24th March 2022.

Questions will be collated, and responses published on the BWF website shortly after.

It should be noted that the International Paralympic Committee is currently reviewing its own Classification Code, and following the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, it is foreseen that more significant amendments to the BWF Classification System may be considered.

This process will require more time as well as scientific research in some areas.