Funds Released – BWF Membership Grants Programme 2020

Further to our memo of 11 September (linked here) on the Membership Grants Programme 2020, BWF is pleased to inform you that over 100 BWF Member Associations have now received their funds to complete their projects.

Around US$500,000 has been distributed so far to Member Associations, part of a four year project to support Members.

The BWF has worked closely with the 5 Continental Confederations to ensure a thorough process leading up to the release of the funds and this has included:

  • Completing the BWF Membership Questionnaire;
  • Categorising Members into different groups;
  • Deciding which Members are eligible for the grant;
  • Members submitting proposals / requests for funds based on their needs;
  • BWF and the Member Association agreeing on the specific focus for the grant for each Member;
  • Agreements signed – each Member Association and the BWF;
  • Distribution of the funds.


The BWF Membership Grant Programme is an opportunity for Member Associations to access financial support, to assist them in developing badminton in their country.

Following the completion of the project, each Member Association who received a grant will provide a report and account for how the funds have been utalised against their plan.

Modified Membership Grants Programme 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and to better serve the current needs of Member Associations, the BWF implemented an adapted Membership Grants Programme in 2020, which focuses on supporting national level activities linked to a ‘Back to Badminton’ theme. This aimed to support a return of badminton activities in the current challenging environment.

More Information

Please see a press release on the BWF Membership Grants Programme –

For more information relating to the BWF Membership QuestionnaireCategorisation and Grants Programmes, please contact our Development Team on [email protected]