Membership Grants Programme

Following completion of the BWF Membership Questionnaire and Membership Categorisation, we are pleased to inform you that the BWF will circulate further details on the Membership Grants Programme 2020. This includes details of Member Associations that are eligible to apply for support this year.

Information will be emailed to Member Associations today.

National Level Activities / Principles

Due to the current global Covid-19 pandemic, and to better serve the current needs of Member Associations, the BWF will implement an adapted Membership Grants Programme in 2020, which focuses on supporting national level activities, with the overarching principles of the grant remaining unchanged – see below.

  • Focus on building the capacity of Member Associations.
  • Support the growth of badminton at a national level.
  • Support should focus on training, development of people and building the capacity and structures of Member Associations.
  • Support should be tailored to the needs of Member Associations.
  • Member Associations must complete and submit necessary reporting, to be eligible for grants in 2021.


Please note that communication to your federation will be made through the following email address [email protected]

For more information relating to the BWF Membership Questionnaire, Categorisation and Grants Programmes, please contact the BWF Development Team on this email.