Voting Delegate’s Webinar Get Ready for the BWF virtual AGM 2020

Thank you to the 115 Members who took part in the video conferences last week. The list of questions and answers from the 6 video conference sessions will be uploaded on the website later today, and we will notify the membership when this is published.

If you have any further questions on the virtual AGM, please email me.

Please find the following. Please forward this to the relevant people / your voting delegate(s):

  1. Voting Delegate’s Webinar – Wednesday 15 July 2020 @ 1900 KL time
  2. Nominate your AGM Delegate(s) – deadline Thursday 16 July @ 1900 KL time
  3. Members with Registered Delegates – status of registrations
  4. What do voting delegates need to do? – Getting ready for the virtual AGM.
  5. Observers – how do you register observers?
  6. Useful Information – getting ready for the virtual AGM 2020

1.Voting Delegate’s – Register Now for the Webinar this Wednesday @ 1900 KL Time

When?          Wednesday 15 July at 1900 KL Time

Who for?      Voting Delegates / Second Delegates

What?          – How to login to the virtual AGM

                     Completing the test vote on Friday 17 July

                     How to vote during the virtual AGM

                     – What will the virtual AGM be like?

How Long?   1 hour

Register?    See the BWF memo of 13 July for details on the registration, or contact Patricia [email protected] for details.

More Info?       We will send out the presentation on Tuesday evening KL time.

2. Nominate your AGM Delegate(s)

Nominations for the AGM close on Thursday 16 July at 1900 KL time.

Members can nominate up to 2 delegates to the AGM – a Voting Delegate and a Second Delegate. Send the completed form to Patricia [email protected] as soon as possible – the form can be downloaded from the website (linked here).

Please make sure you receive confirmation from Patricia that your delegate(s) is officially registered. If you do not get a confirmation email, assume that we have not received the nomination form.

3. AGM Delegates Registered so Far

4. AGM Delegates – What do you Need to Do?

To get ready for the virtual AGM, delegates need to:

  • Print out the AGM Agenda (linked here).
  • Look at the 4 video clips on the Council proposals – if you need more information on Items 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5 of the agenda.
  • English – Council proposals (linked here)
  • French – Council proposals (linked here)
  • Spanish – Council proposals (linked here)
  • Look at the Chairs video reports (linked here)
  • If you need to discus with your board about how you will vote for each proposal.
  • Send us your questions [email protected]

5. Observers at the virtual AGM

Under the constitution, the Chair of the meeting has the right to accept observers to the meeting.  Please contact Pat – [email protected] to register observers.

6. Useful Information – Get Ready for the 2020 AGM

  • All AGM documents – AGM Page of the Website – download these documents
  • Nomination Form – Virtual AGM 2020
  • Annual Report 2019 / Highlights Video 2019
  • Agenda of the Meeting – the Order Paper / Agenda – revised 02 July 2020
  • Annexure A – Minutes of the last AGM – 23 May 2019
  • Annexure B – Audited Financial Statements 2019
  • Annexure C – Budget 2020 and Forecast 2021 / 2022
  • Annexure D – Council Proposal – BWF Constitution