RFP – BWF Para Badminton World Championships 2021 and 2023

The BWF is seeking potential hosts for the BWF Para Badminton World Championships 2021 and 2023.

Please find attached the Request for Proposal (RFP) and bid document – link

Members who are interested in hosting this BWF Major Event can refer to the following timelines for bidding:

Deadlines Action

10 February 2020

Opportunity advertised widely. RFP available on BWF corporate website.

15 May 2020

Deadline for submission of RFP & bid documentation to BWF. Email to the following:


Darren Parks – [email protected]

Syahmi Sabron –[email protected]


Monday 24 June 2020

Decision on the host.
Thursday 3

30 June 2020

Host and BWF signs agreement.

Please contact Syahmi Sabron [email protected] if you have any questions on the enclosed.