Integrity – Website Information

BWF has updated the integrity section of this website. There is a lot of essential information for players, coaches and administrators which helps to explain the regulations and what players and others can and cannot do under the BWF regulations. Use the links below to help you get more information quickly.


BWF’s Integrity Programme

Overview    – What the Integrity Programme covers.

Regulations    – The codes of conduct and regulations related to integrity.

Speak Up and Report   – Reporting cheats – it’s your obligation!

Integrity Unit   – The kind of work we do.

Integrity Campaign  – i am badminton – clean / honest

Hearings and Cases   – Steps from investigation to sanctions.


Anti-Match Fixing

Anti-Match Fixing Overview – The Basics    – Important questions and answers.

Match Manipulation   – About match manipulation / match fixing.

Covered Persons   – Who is covered under the Code of Conduct in Relation to Betting, Wagering and Irregular Match Results?

Corruption Offences    – What are the offences under the Code.

Betting   – Who can bet on badminton?

Inside Information    – What is this and what are the dangers of using inside information?

Monitoring & Investigations  – What kind of monitoring does BWF do?

Education   – Resources and tools for learning.



Anti-Doping Overview – The Basics   – Important questions and answers.

Prohibited Substances   – Banned substances for athletes.

Dietary Supplements   – The dangers of these.

TUE   – Therapeutic Use Exemptions.

Whereabouts    – For those on the BWF Registered Testing Pool / BWF Testing Pool

Testing and Doping Control  – The process of collecting urine and blood samples.

Rights and Responsibilities   – Athletes rights / athletes responsibilities.

EducationResources and tools for learning.