TUE - Medications

TUE – Medications

Athletes are responsible for everything they ingest – food, drink, vitamins and other food supplements or medications.

Players (badminton / Para badminton) may become ill or have conditions that require them to take medications. If an athlete is required to take medications and the medications contain substances which are on the WADA Prohibited List, the athlete must apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE).

This may give that athlete the authorization to take the medications that he/she requires.

Before taking any medication that contains a prohibited substance, the athlete must complete the TUE application process and be granted the TUE.


To whom does this requirement apply?

If you participate in tournaments organized by the BWF, you are considered as an International-Level Athlete and you should file your TUE requests with the BWF by using the form below (TUE Application Form)


TUE Recognition

BWF automatically recognizes TUEs from other anti-doping organizations. However, BWF will still review the TUE and might ask the player for further information.

Therefore, a player who has a valid TUE does not need to submit a new request to the BWF for the same substance.


The following links to the WADA website will assist you.