Para badminton Athletes’ Commission


Para badminton Athletes’ Commission

By the end of the nomination period of 20 October 2017, five eligible nominations had been received for the Para badminton Athletes’ Commission.

These are – in order of the first names:

  1. Anand Kumar (India)
  2. Bello Rafiu Oyebanji (Nigeria)
  3. Daniel Chan (Hong Kong)
  4. Raúl Eduardo Anguiano Araujo (Guatemala)
  5. Richard Perot (France)


Please see the BWF corporate website for the profiles of those nominated for the Para badminton Athletes’ Commission (linked here). There are five (5) positions available and the Commission members will serve a four (4) year term to 2021.

Since there are exactly five nominations for five positions, there is no need to have an election at the Para badminton World Championships in Ulsan Korea on Friday 24th November as planned.

Please see the announcement on the BWF corporate website (linked here) for the original plan for elections.

The new Athletes’ Commission will come into effect on Saturday 25th November. One main task at their first meeting is to select a chair of the commission, and to make a recommendation to the Council for a Vice Chair.