Memo – BWF World Junior Championships – Player Information, Awareness, Education

As you know, the BWF World Junior Championships 2022 will be hosted in Santander, Spain next month.

  • Mixed Team Championships (Suhandinata Cup) 17 – 22 Oct. 2022
  • Individual Championships (Eye-Level Cups) 24 – 30 Oct. 2022


There will be more than 400 players from 38 Member Associations participating in the Championship. The hosts and BWF have organised an iZone – an information and engagement zone for players. BWF staff and volunteers will be there to share information on 1) integrity (anti-doping / anti-match manipulation) and 2) player educational opportunities – dual career programmes.

We are hosting a virtual meeting for Team Managers about the iZone on Monday 10 October at 20:00 KL time / 14:00 CET to help them get ready. See below.

Please read below, and pass this onto your Team Managers and Coaches.

  1. Player Education / Dual Career Information

BWF will have a BWF Player Education and Dual Career information booth at the iZone during the Championships – 14 – 30 October 2022. There will be information sharing with individual players, and focus groups with teams. This aims to:

  • Raise awareness and promote the Dual Career Pathways and programmes;
  • Support players with the tools and resources needed to develop beyond their playing career.


BWF has a wide range of support available for athletes who are looking to advance their studies and develop their skills while they continue to train and compete.

The booth at the iZone is a good opportunity for players who are looking to launch their careers in the sports industry and pursue both sport and education through various of scholarships.

For more information on the BWF Player Education & Dual Career programme, see the BWF Development Website (linked here).

If you have any questions regarding the enclosed, email the BWF Development Team: [email protected]

  1. Integrity Awareness – iZone Activities

The iZone will have a range of activities for players and Team Managers to get involved in. The activities aim to build integrity awareness (anti-doping / anti-match manipulation).

Every team / player must visit the iZone during the Championships. More information will follow.

  1. Information for Team Managers

BWF will send an invitation to Team Managers to attend a one hour virtual meeting. This will provide information on the iZone and how Team Managers can support players.

  • When – Monday 10 October 2022
  • Time – 20:00 KL time / 14:00 CET
  • Virtual – meeting on Teams meeting (invitation sent early October)
  • Who – Team Managers going to the BWF World Junior Championships 2022
  • What – the iZone – and how to get ready / how to support your players.

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