Step by Step Guide to Getting Ready for the AGM 2022

Dear Members and Continental Confederations

Here is an update on what you must do to get ready for the BWF AGM 2022 – especially those delegates who will travel to Bangkok.

The AGM is on Saturday 7 May starting at 1900 (7:00PM) Kuala Lumpur time / 1800 Bangkok time / 1300 (1:00PM CET) – it is in a hybrid format – some delegates in Bangkok / some delegates attending virtually.

Please read the steps below / attached to make sure you have a really good AGM and travel experience.


  1. Step by Step Guide to Getting Ready for the AGM
  2. Form AAA – Accommodation / Arrival / Accreditation

  1. Get Ready for the AGM – Delegate(s) / Nomination of Delegate(s)
  • Step 1 – decide who will be your delegate(s).
  • Step 2 – decide if your delegate(s) will travel to Bangkok OR attend virtually.
  • Step 3 – complete the nomination form and send to Patricia [email protected]

  1. Step By Step Guide For Those Travelling to Bangkok

Travelling to Bangkok – If you intend to travel to Thailand – please read the Step by Step Guide to Getting Ready for the AGM.

Travelling during COVID-19 is more complex than usual.

Read through the below and attached material very carefully. The steps need to be followed in the right order – the 10 basic steps to get to Bangkok are listed below – but read the attached for details:

  1. Decide on your delegate.
  2. Check if the delegate needs a visa. If so request a Visa Support Letter.
  3. Book your flight.
  4. Complete the AAA Form – Accommodation / Arrival Form / Accreditation Form.
  5. Wait for the invoice for your accommodation – from Badminton Thailand.
  6. Pay for the accommodation in full.
  7. Receive a receipt for the first nights accommodation – Test and Go package.
  8. Prepare all the documents for the Thailand Pass Test and Go application.
  9. Apply online for the Thailand Pass – Test and Go.
  10. Receive confirmation from the Thai authorities – Thailand Pass QR code.

  1. Key Actions and Deadlines
  • Friday 1 April – deadline to request a Visa Support Letter
  • Monday 4 April – deadline to complete your airline booking – flight to Bangkok
  • Friday 8 April – deadline AAA FormAccommodation / Arrival / Accreditation Form
  • Monday 25 April – deadline to apply for the Thailand Pass – Test and Go
  • Wednesday 04 May delegates arrive in Bangkok – airport transport to hotel
  • Thursday 05 May – quarantine in your hotel room / deadline for nomination

                               – 1900 Bangkok time – Badminton Pan Am AGM

  • Friday 06 May – Membership engagement / Members Forum
  • Saturday 07 May BWF AGM 2022 – starts at 1800 Bangkok time / 1900 KL time
  • Sunday 08 Maydelegates depart Bangkok – or stay on to watch badminton – the

                            TotalEnergies BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals (08 -15 May).

  1. The Host Hotel

The Official AGM Hotel for Member Association delegates is Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre (linked). This is the same hotel we had for our AGM in 2018.

All prices below include breakfast.

  • Single room– US $180 / night
  • Twin / Double room – US$190 / night


Please do not book directly with the hotel. All bookings go through Badminton Thailand.

Please note that BWF will reimburse the basic nightly cost of one delegate from each eligible Member Association for four (4) nights accommodation at the official hotel if they attend both the Forum on Friday 6 May and the AGM 2022 (total US $760 per eligible Member).

Each Member Association must pay first – and the reimbursement takes place up to a month after the AGM 2022.

Thailand Pass – Test and Go Package

To enter Thailand, each individual MUST register through this programme (and for us it’s the Test and Go option).

The first night in Thailand for Test and Go must be at an approved SHA+ hotel, which includes a package 1) dedicated transport – airport / hotel, 2) RT-PCR COVID-19 test on arrival, 3) first night in the room quarantine – all meals delivered to the door – until the results of the RT-PCR is known – assuming this is negative, then you can move around freely after that – in the hotel, restaurants, and tourism / sightseeing activities in Bangkok / Thailand.

Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre is a SHA+ hotel and these are the rates – Test and Go Package for the first night – and then for each subsequent night:

Other options are available – Junior Suite and Club Suite – contact Badminton Thailand for the rates – [email protected]

  1. Thailand Pass – Test and Go Programme

The Thailand Pass programme has three (3) options – but the one that is for AGM delegates / observers is the Test and Go Programme.

The 3 basic conditions for the Test and Go programme are:

  1. COVID-19 Travel Insurance: Your COVID-19 travel insurance policy coverage shouldn’t be less than US$ 20 000 for medical emergencies. Try this link for packages –
  2. A COVID-19 Recovery or Vaccination certificate. Keep in mind that any tourists younger than 18 years old won’t need this certification if they travel with a legal guardian or a parent.
  3. The Day 1 hotel confirmation letter confirmations that you’ve pre-paid for accommodation, airport transfer and RT-PCR test. The letter needs to be issued by one of the approved Alternative Quarantine (AQ) or SHA + Hotels (the Host hotel for the AGM is on of these SHA + hotels).

Delegates MUST book through Badminton Thailand for the AGM Official Hotel using the Accommodation / Arrival / Accreditation Form.

Please see the attached Step by Step Guide to Getting Ready for the AGM.

  1. Member in Good Standing

Please note that in order for Members to nominate delegates and participate in the AGM they must be in “Good Standing”. Clause 7.1.4 of the BWF constitution states:

Member in Good Standing means a Member who:

  • 7.14.1. does not have any subscriptions due (Clause 26);
  • 7.14.2. is not under suspension (Clauses 13.5 –13.10); and
  • 7.14.3. who has submitted a completed Schedule A to the Federation for the current year (Clause 13.1)