Membership Grants Programme Update for 2020 & 2021

1.  2020 Membership Grants Programme

We are pleased to inform Member Associations of the following outcomes of the BWF Membership Grant Programme 2020:

  • 134 Member Associations Supported
  • 415 National Activities Supported
  • $670,000 USD Funding Distributed


To view some examples of how Member Associations utilised their 2020 BWF Membership Grant, please click here.

2.  2021 Membership Grants Programme

BWF has opened the application process to 126 Member Associations who are eligible to apply for the 2021 BWF Membership Grant Programme.

We would like to thank 84 Member Associations who have already submitted their Activity Support Budget Form, by the required deadline.

This is a reminder for the remaining Member Associations (below) who have not submitted their Activity Support Budget Form 2021.

The final deadline to submit the Activity Support Budget Form is in two days time – Friday 10th September 2021.

Eligible Member Associations who have received application emails and are yet to submit Activity Support Budget Form.


Member Associations who fail to submit their Activity Support Budget Forms by the 10th September 2021, will be automatically excluded from the 2021 Membership Grant.

Any Member Associations excluded for this years programme, will be invited to apply as part of the 2022 Membership Grant Programme, if they meet all eligibility criteria.

3.  Questions? / More Information – contact us

If you require us to resend the documents to your federation, please kindly send this request to the BWF Membership Grants Programme Team at [email protected]